Adopting Caroline Li

Saturday, December 16, 2006

In the four months that we have had Caroline (she is now 14 months old), her weight has increased from just under 13 pounds to a little over 18 pounds! She has also gone from not being able to sit up on her own to just on the verge of walking. The only health item remaining is surgery to repair her cleft pallet (which is scheduled January 11th). Ear infections are common in children with cleft pallets (Caroline has already experienced two), so the doctors will also put tubes in Caroline’s ears. Finally, a chromosome 22 test will be conducted after surgery. Basically, we are looking for the presence of this chromosome to rule out further potential health issues that are sometimes found in children with cleft pallets. We have been several times to UNC Hospital in preparation for the surgery, and basically everything has checked out well so the doctors are not expecting problems after surgery. We plan on updating our blog shortly after the surgery for anyone that is interested.


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